Summer Teaching Assistant Opportunity with Climate and Society

by |May 18, 2023

The Climate and Society program is accepting teaching assistant applications for CLMT 5014 Climate Justice and Equitable Climate Action (Summer Session B).

To apply:

Submit the application HERE by June 1 at 11:55pm. Applicants must be currently enrolled, full-time Columbia University graduate students. Students should expect to work 10-20 hours per week on average. Please contact with questions.

Course description:

CLMT 5014 Climate Justice and Equitable Climate Action
Time: W 1:15 – 4:45pm (Summer Session B)
Location: Online

This course aims to provide students with an understanding of the disproportionate impacts of climate change at both local and global scales, as well as the varying conceptions of climate justice that have emerged as climate change unfolds. In addition, the course explores existing tools and frameworks for evaluating environmental and climate justice with an emphasis on anti-racism as well as quantitative approaches for informing and characterizing equitable climate action. Case studies and group assignments provide students with real-world context and hands-on experience in applying the knowledge (e.g., systems thinking and analysis) gained from in-class lectures and readings. Guest lectures by experts in academia, as well as frontline communities, also serve to ground course topics in reality and allow students to engage with practitioners seeking to advance environmental and climate justice through their various professions.

TA responsibilities:

A teaching assistant must fulfill the responsibilities as identified by the assigned supervising instructor while maintaining conduct of the highest level of professionalism and confidentiality. The teaching assistant may be responsible for directing drills, recitations, discussions or laboratory sessions related to courses offered by an officer of higher rank. They will be responsible for meeting and coordinating with the instructor regularly and performing other course-related duties as assigned, like grading written coursework. Additional tasks may include: setting up and managing Zoom meetings and breakouts; managing polls and other learning activities through Canvas; and developing grading rubrics for learning activities.

TAs are expected to attend all class sessions.

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