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Class Day 2023

Congratulations to the 2023 graduates of the Columbia Climate School! Students in the MA in Climate and Society program will participate in a Class Day ceremony on May 12 and the Columbia-wide Commencement ceremony on May 17.

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Earth Day

On Earth Day and every day, Columbia Climate School is working to understand our planet and promote more sustainable ways of living and doing business.

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IPCC Report AR6

Released in March 2023, the IPCC’s sixth assessment synthesis report sums up everything we know about climate change and the urgent need for societies to take action. The report pulls together information from six previous publications. Learn more about them — and what they mean for humanity — here. Photo credit: Daria Devyatkina 

Climate Week NYC

Every year in September, Climate Week NYC brings together leaders from business, government, and civil society for the biggest climate event on Earth. Columbia Climate School is a proud partner in this effort to build global momentum toward climate action, and we’re excited to offer a full lineup of online events and special content all… read more

Student Voices

Observations, essays, and opinions from students connected with the Columbia Climate School.

Scrutinizing the Habitat of Slow Earthquakes in the Guerrero Gap

Expedition MGL2204 of Columbia University’s R/V Marcus G. Langseth has set sail from Manzanillo, Mexico, to better understand the origin of the slow earthquakes within the Guerrero gap.

Class Day 2022

Congratulations to the 2022 graduates of the Columbia Climate School! To celebrate the Climate School’s first graduating class, State of the Planet is publishing a series of stories highlighting students and faculty involved with the Climate and Society program. You can also tune in to the live Class Day ceremony here on May 13 at… read more

Russia-Ukraine Crisis

As the war in Ukraine continues to unfold, scholars from the Columbia Climate School are analyzing what it means for energy, food security, public health, climate, and more.

Data Dives

Data Dives

Data Dives are conversations with Columbia Climate School researchers to learn more about their work and explore trending topics through the lens of data science and visualization.

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Earthquake Hazards in Haiti and Jamaica

In January 2022, this research cruise will evaluate the potential earthquake hazard along the Enriquillo-Plantain Garden fault in the Jamaica Passage, located between Haiti and Jamaica. The team, composed of scientists from the U.S. and Jamaica, will map ruptures and other seafloor features left by earthquakes generated along the same huge fault system that caused… read more