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Democrats in Congress Hold the Fate of the Planet in Their Slippery Hands

The Democrats must quickly pass the Infrastructure Bill and compromise on reconciliation. There is no time to spare.

by |October 11, 2021

COVID, Climate, and Collective Global Social Responsibility

President Biden’s actions last week represented an implicit understanding of this nation’s global social responsibility.

by |September 13, 2021

Climate Policy’s Critical Moment is Here

The environmental catastrophe predicted by climate modelers a generation ago is upon us. We need to provide the resources and organizational capacity required to end most use of fossil fuels as fast as possible.

by |July 19, 2021
smoke coming from a power plant

Biden Must Nix Treaty Provisions That Allow Fossil Fuel Companies to Sue Governments Directly

Provisions that allow investors to sue countries are being used to undermine climate goals. The latest example: A $15 billion lawsuit from the Keystone XL energy company.

by Ella Merrill and Martin Dietrich Brauch |July 14, 2021

President Biden’s Climate Change Political Strategy

We have an American president who understands the climate crisis, and both the grave threat and historic opportunity it presents.

by |June 28, 2021

Preparing for and Responding to Routine “Emergency” Threats to Our Security

The threats to our security are real and require a rational and strategic response. Let’s hope we can produce one.

by |June 7, 2021
vaccine syringe vial

Moving Toward a Post-Pandemic New York City and Nation

We should also be ready for a time when hands can be shaken and hugs can be given, and our tactile, social species is able once again to exhale.

by |May 3, 2021

Joe Biden’s Inspiring and Strategic Climate and Economic Leadership

Joe Biden is providing America with inspiring and strategic climate and economic leadership.

by |April 26, 2021
natural gas flaring

How the Biden Administration Could Improve the Federal Oil and Gas Leasing Program

A variety of changes could be put in place to reduce methane emissions.

by Marianne Kah |April 15, 2021
Grilled sausages and green vegetables - zucchini, asparagus, bell pepper, garlic, lemon and rosemary on cast iron grill pan

11 Ways the Biden Administration Could Reduce Emissions From the Food System

As the president’s April 22 climate summit draws near, the federal action plan should focus on the enormous opportunities for emissions reductions in the food system.

by Kevin Karl and David Sandalow |April 8, 2021