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8 Meaningful Actions You Can Take This Earth Day

Making a difference in your day-to-day life is not only empowering, but can lead to wider cultural and societal change.

by |April 22, 2021

How You Can Help Restore Nature on Earth Day

Consider helping to revive a degraded ecosystem by getting involved in an ecorestoration project.

by |April 21, 2021
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Fixing Our Broken Relationship with ‘Stuff’: A Q&A With Sandra Goldmark

The author of the book “Fixation” delves into our complex relationship with consumption, and gives practical advice on how to make it healthier.

by |December 18, 2020
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Green Friday: How to Balance Shopping and Sustainability

In her new book, sustainability expert and moonlighting repairperson Sandra Goldmark explains how individuals, businesses, and policy makers can build an economy centered on care for all that we have.

by |November 27, 2020

Plastic, Paper or Cotton: Which Shopping Bag is Best?

Which bag should an environmentally responsible, health-conscious shopper use during this time of coronavirus?

by |April 30, 2020

A Guide to the Good, Low-Carbon Life

For about 10 years, environmental law professor Karl Coplan has been trying to winnow down his direct footprint of CO2 emissions. He has been successful, and has just published a book chronicling his efforts.

by |January 13, 2020
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16 Ideas For a More Sustainable Thanksgiving and Black Friday

These tips will help to reduce your environmental footprint — and save time, stress, and money — during the holidays.

by |November 20, 2019

Is Organic Food Really Better for the Environment?

Recent research suggests it might not be as sustainable as we might think, but it’s complicated.

by |October 22, 2019

Why You Should Shop at the Farmers Market

In honor of National Farmers Market Week, a staffer who used to work at the market tells us why farmers markets are valuable community resources.

by |August 9, 2019
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Data Visualization Tool Shows Carbon Footprint of Everyday Products

The Carbon Catalogue makes it easy to explore consumer products’ carbon emissions and the various strategies companies are employing to reduce emissions.

by |February 14, 2019