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Climate Change and Religion

Claude Monet's representation of a smoggy London sunset.

Andrew Revkin’s New York Times blog, Dot Earth, has been raising an interesting question recently: how can religion affect climate change? These two concepts may seem antithetical, one works with beliefs while the other strives to present hard data, but when broken down into parts, it can be seen that they could easily work together.

Revkin notes that religions not only run over half of the world’s schools, they are also a vital part of the financial world. The climate crisis needs to be recognized and understood in order to begin the process of repairing the environment. If religious institutions began to teach their devotees about the climate crisis, that much more of the world would be aware of our current environmental situation and could instigate change.

Revkin explains all of this and more in his post Religion’s Role in the Climate Challenge.

For those who prefer images, Revkin has also created a slideshow that concisely explains where his interest in the environment and the world stems from:

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