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She’s on a Mission to Plumb the Secrets of New York’s Disappearing Wetlands

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Alumni Spotlight: When the Student Becomes the Teacher

A recent graduate of the Master of Science in Sustainability Science program, Reuben Goh hopes to convey his enthusiasm for the environment to future students.

by Olivia Colton |December 1, 2023

Why the Success of COP28 Depends on Climate Finance

Experts say we have the tools to solve the climate crisis. Why aren’t we using them?

by |November 30, 2023

Climate School Announces Two New Appointments

Meet Melissa Lott and Catherine McKenna, two new members of the Columbia Climate School

by |November 30, 2023

Columbia Climate School Releases ‘Carbon Markets, Nature, Rights and Climate Justice’ Roundtable Report ahead of COP28

Lessons from early nature-based markets have shown significant risks if the needs of frontline actors are not considered in every step of design and implementation.

by Johanna Lovecchio |November 28, 2023
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Student Spotlight: Ponce de Leon Tidwell

A senior in the Undergraduate Program in Sustainable Development describes his path to natural history broadcast journalism.

by |November 28, 2023