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The Fire This Time: Facing the Reality of Climate Change

While our short-term response to extreme weather must remain on adaptation, in the long run, we need to understand the reality of the warmer planet we live on and work to mitigate climate change.

by |June 12, 2023
Thick smoke from Canadian wildfires darkens the sky in New York City.

How Wildfire Smoke Can Travel Thousands of Miles, and How to Protect Yourself

Columbia Climate School experts comment on the dangerous air pollution from Canadian wildfires.

by |June 8, 2023

Indigenous South Americans Far More Likely to Die From Wildfire Smoke, Study Says

Smoke from wildfires is a health threat to everyone, but Indigenous people in South America are especially vulnerable due to a number of factors.

by |May 4, 2023

Towering Wildfire Clouds Are Affecting the Stratosphere, and the Climate

Aircraft collecting data from clouds of smoke have revealed surprising effects of wildfires on the ground.

by |February 28, 2023
firefighter walks through scorched debris

Opinion: Pacific Gas and Electric Company Needs to Pay for Its Crimes Against California

It’s not just PG&E’s equipment that leaves California vulnerable to fires. For more than 100 years, the company has released carbon into the atmosphere, aggravating the climate crisis that’s turning the state’s forests into kindling.

by Emma Lauterbach |October 18, 2022

Training for Dixie Fire Survivors Sheds Light on the Long Road to Recovery

One year after the devastating wildfire, residents of Greenville, Calif., are working to rebuild. Experts from the National Center for Disaster Preparedness co-hosted a training to facilitate the process.

by Elise Gout |September 15, 2022
Caroline Juang profile picture

Caroline Juang: Blending Art, Science, and Outreach

In addition to studying climate-related hazards, Juang is a talented artist who helps make STEM fields more accessible for underrepresented minorities. Somehow, she also finds time to sleep.

by Alexis Earl |August 24, 2022
home damaged by fire

How Agencies and Communities Facing Wildfire Can Collaborate to Cut Risk Now

A talk with two leaders of the Biden administration’s effort to fight fire before things burn.

by |March 30, 2022

Forest Fires Increasingly Affecting Western Rivers and Streams, for Better and Worse

Fires may increase stream flow for years after sweeping the surface, and temporarily increase downstream water supplies. But they may also increase the risks of landslides and floods in affected areas.

by |February 22, 2022
homes destroyed by wildfire on one side of street, homes intact on the other

Amid the Marshall Fire’s Urban Ashes, Hints of a Less Combustible Future

An interview with a homeowner whose block survived while others burned reinforces longstanding advice from experts on living in fire-prone landscapes.

by |January 11, 2022