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Why the Success of COP28 Depends on Climate Finance

Experts say we have the tools to solve the climate crisis. Why aren’t we using them?

by |November 30, 2023

Rethinking Boundaries in a Warming World

Climate-driven migration is sure to increase. Here’s why we need to embrace it.

by Cate Twining-Ward |November 21, 2023

COP28: Delegates From the Climate School Share Their Plans and Hopes

Columbia Climate School representatives will be attending the global climate summit in Dubai. Here’s what they hope to achieve.

by |November 21, 2023

In Many Major Crop Regions, Workers Plant and Harvest in Spiraling Heat and Humidity

The ability of farmworkers to cultivate major crops including rice and maize may be compromised if climate trends continue.

by |November 20, 2023

She’s on a Mission to Plumb the Secrets of New York’s Disappearing Wetlands

Botanist and climate scientist Dorothy Peteet has been in the business digging deep into bogs, marshes and fens for more than 40 years, revealing natural and human histories going back thousands of years, and their role in changing climate. A final frontier: the obscure remains of New York City’s once widespread coastal wetlands.

by |November 16, 2023

Frontline Heroes: Predicting Climate Extremes in Africa

Advanced weather-forecasting tools and techniques, like those developed at Columbia Climate School’s International Research Institute for Climate and Society (IRI), can help key stakeholders in Africa prepare for the worst.

by |November 14, 2023

The Fifth National Climate Assessment: Change Is Here, but There Is Hope

The Fifth National Climate Assessment was released today. The message: change is here, but immediate action can avert the worst impacts.

by |November 14, 2023

Learning How Trees Can Help Unlock Secrets of Our Climate Future

A new cataloging system will help better preserve, track and share thousands of tree ring samples from around the globe.

by Olivia Colton and Tyler Zorn |November 10, 2023

How Can Cities Fight Climate Change and Still Stay Within Legal Guardrails?

The authors of a new book discuss how urban areas can take climate action without running afoul of state and federal laws.

by |November 9, 2023

In Massive Project, Scientists to Probe Deposits Beneath West Antarctic Ice Sheet

Drilling into sub-ice deposits left behind during times when the Earth was warmer than today should provide insights into how a massive ice sheet will react to human-induced climate change.

by |November 8, 2023