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How Big Institutions Stymie Disaster Response, and What to Do About It

The new book Catastrophic Incentives explores why society is underprepared for natural and human-made disasters.

by Christopher D. Shea |October 4, 2023

Statistical Modeling for Glacier Loss: Is It Accurate?

A study based on Iceland’s Bruarjokull glacier investigates whether to rely on statistical models to provide accurate insights into glacier retreat.

by Domino Jones |September 28, 2023

Study Reveals Long-Distance Levers Behind U.S. Southwest Drought—and a Dry Future

The U.S. Southwest has suffered a historic drought over the past two decades. A new study elucidates the drivers, and says conditions will never return to those of the relatively wet 20th century.

by |September 26, 2023

Quiz: Climate Week 2023

Test your knowledge of the latest climate news.

by |September 21, 2023

When It Rains, It Pours. Why?

Atmospheric scientist Michela Biasutti investigates what drives rainfall on a wide variety of time scales, and how climate change may affect it. She is passing on the basics to students.

by Vanessa Lincoln |September 21, 2023
Man standing in front of a podium

Tackling Severe Air Pollution in Africa

An atmospheric scientist has been working to measure and mitigate a longtime health crisis afflicting much of the continent.

by |September 20, 2023

The Cyclones She Experienced as a Child Led to a Career in Hurricane Risk

Atmospheric physicist Chia-Ying Lee is working to improve our understanding of how tropical cyclones will evolve in the future.

by Christopher D. Shea |September 19, 2023
Photos of five Columbia climate researchers honored by leading scientific organizations: Suzana Camargo, Adam Sobel, Melissa Lott, Michela Biasutti, Richard Seager.

Five Columbia Climate Researchers Honored by Leading Scientific Organizations

Scientists connected to the Climate School received notable accolades from the American Geophysical Union and the American Meteorological Society.

by |September 15, 2023

Climate Week 2023 at Columbia Climate School

As the official university partner of this year’s Climate Week NYC, the Climate School has an exciting lineup of events planned for September 17-24.

by |September 11, 2023
Global map showing wet bulb temperatures

Putting This Summer’s Record Global Heat Into Context

A roundup of articles aimed at explaining what is happening, and why.

by |September 7, 2023