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Learning How Trees Can Help Unlock Secrets of Our Climate Future

A new cataloging system will help better preserve, track and share thousands of tree ring samples from around the globe.

by Olivia Colton and Tyler Zorn |November 10, 2023

How Can Cities Fight Climate Change and Still Stay Within Legal Guardrails?

The authors of a new book discuss how urban areas can take climate action without running afoul of state and federal laws.

by |November 9, 2023

In Massive Project, Scientists to Probe Deposits Beneath West Antarctic Ice Sheet

Drilling into sub-ice deposits left behind during times when the Earth was warmer than today should provide insights into how a massive ice sheet will react to human-induced climate change.

by |November 8, 2023

World Temperatures Will Blow Past Paris Goals This Decade, Asserts New Study

James Hansen warned the world in the 1980s that global warming was coming. Now, he is warning that it is barreling down even faster than expected.

by |November 3, 2023

Rising Seas Will Tighten Vise on Miami Even for People Who Are Not Flooded, Says Study

Most research on rising sea levels focuses on the direct effects of inundation. A new study adds social and economic vulnerabilities to the equation.

by |October 16, 2023
flyer for 2023 Lamont Open House

Come Visit Us at Lamont Open House

Come out to Palisades, NY, on October 14 for some fun, hands-on science education for all ages.

by |October 9, 2023

Chinese Scientists Are Combating a Glacier’s Melting By Covering It With a Blanket

Researchers at China’s Nanjing University are using a reflective blanket to stave off melting of the Dagu Glacier.

by Esha Karam |October 5, 2023

Study Identifies Jet-Stream Pattern That Locks in Extreme Winter Cold, Wet Spells

Recently, scientists connected giant waves in the global jet stream to hot, dry spells gripping widely separated parts of the planet at the same time. Now they have done the same for winter weather.

by |October 4, 2023

How Big Institutions Stymie Disaster Response, and What to Do About It

The new book Catastrophic Incentives explores why society is underprepared for natural and human-made disasters.

by Christopher D. Shea |October 4, 2023

Statistical Modeling for Glacier Loss: Is It Accurate?

A study based on Iceland’s Bruarjokull glacier investigates whether to rely on statistical models to provide accurate insights into glacier retreat.

by Domino Jones |September 28, 2023