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Let There Be Climate Change

The Creation of Adam, Michelangelo

At times of flux when little can be trusted to remain the same, it is common to look for solace in the concrete. Today, as our climate continues to change, many find guidance in the unchanging words of the Bible. The lessons kept within those ancient pages free themselves for interpretation in order to give direction to the confused and questioning. As the results of a changing climate become increasingly tangible, our search for mitigation grows.

Gabe Greenberg addresses the relationship of climate change and the Bible in his recent article for Voices. Greenberg is a student at YTC Yeshiva in Morningside Heights who is working with two post-doc ecologists and our own Associate Director, Cynthia Peabody,  on a graduate level curriculum of religious environmentalism.

His article will hopefully be the first in a series of Earth Institute articles in Voices. Gabe sets a high standard with his piece, Environmental Offenders Defy God, which can be found here.

Science for the Planet: In these short video explainers, discover how scientists and scholars across the Columbia Climate School are working to understand the effects of climate change and help solve the crisis.
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