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Is there such a thing as too much water awareness?

Gayle Leonard, in her blog Thirsty in Suburbia, posts about Jason Garland’s Twitter feed, which is set up to automatically update for all water use in his household, continually, dozens of times a day.

jparlandtweets1's twitterfeed meter reading
jgarland79's Twitter feed meter reading

It’s undeniable documentation, it’s shocking, and it would get old very, very fast.

I know I benefit from the occasional gentle reminder when I get lazy, and I apparently think the people around me benefit from the occasional pointed reminder to shut the tap off, fix the leak, don’t run the dish washer unless it’s full, etc.

Nagging does work. People will change their habits, at least temporarily, just to get you to shut up.  But is aggravation the best way to achieve behavioral changes that are sustainable over the long term?

What are the most effective methods you’ve heard of, or use yourself, to increase personal water awareness?  For that matter, what have you tried that went over like a lead balloon?

Because the only thing more annoying than being nagged, is running out of water.

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