Punjab Water Day 2010

by |April 2, 2010

On March 20, the Columbia Water Center and the Punjab Agricultural University (PAU) celebrated Punjab Water Day in Ludhiana, Punjab, India.  Don’t be looking for a water slide or balloons or colorful information booths.  This was a recognition of the seriousness of the water crisis in Punjab, and of the commitment to find solutions.


Sponsored by the PepsiCo Foundation, the event brought together about 120 area farmers with academic and government leaders.  It was inaugurated by the PAU Vice Chancellor, Dr Manjit Singh Kang, while Dr S.S. Johl, former Chairman of Commission for Agricultural Prices and Costs (CACP) was the Guest of Honor.


They each, along with Columbia Water Center Director Upmanu Lall, gave speeches about water issues in India.  As reported in the Times of India, “Dr. Kang said while the Green Revolution, on one hand, has enhanced prosperity of farmers and ensured food security of the nation, on the other, it has resulted in depleting water table, impaired ecology and deteriorated soil health that is threatening to endanger the very sustainability of agriculture. He highlighted the importance of water management not only in India but also worldwide.


This event is one of the ways that the Columbia Water Center, through a PepsiCo Foundation funded project, is helping to bring together government, industry, academic, and agricultural stakeholders to develop a joint strategy and find practical solutions.


Times of India article

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