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Through the Looking Glass: A Science Art Exhibit

Have you ever found yourself squinting into a microscope and thinking about the surprising visual similarity between the curve of a cell wall and the mark left by the stroke of a paintbrush? It is easy to overlook a similarity such as this, but when one takes the time to recognize the beauty and balance that lies within the scientific world, it becomes hard to miss. This Saturday’s exhibit, Through the Looking Glass, brings to the public this natural beauty and balance through the work of artists in the Columbia community including Amy Pollack, Ursula Kwong-Brown, Jody Rasch, and Jie Qi, among others.

The Columbia Science Review, Scientists and Engineers for a Better Society and the Center for the Study of Science and Religion have joined forces to organize Through the Looking Glass – a science art exhibit aimed at exploring these two seemingly disparate fields. We aim to break down boundaries and create conversation between artists, scientists and viewers. With generous funding from CU Arts and the President’s and Provost’s Fund, we have brought together a diverse group of media and topics by Columbia students and affiliates. Each one explores scientific imagery and concepts in an attempt to bridge the gap between what we conventionally think of as two separate world. Come and enjoy the multimedia artwork and learn about something new.

The exhibit goes from 5:00-7:00PM this Saturday, May 1st, in Wien Hall at Columbia University (MAP).

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