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Harlem Shows its Green Thumb

On Earth Day, April 22nd, Faith Leaders for Environmental Justice came together with the CSSR and WeAct (West Harlem Environmental Action) to give a tour of Harlem using the new Healthy Living Harlem Green Map. The map is a public resource that shows the community where green spaces—such as community gardens, food coops, and parks—can be found, as well as which hazardous areas should be avoided—such as buildings with possible asbestos infestations and areas of high pollution such as bus depots.

The tour was a great success, and was captured on film—or in pixels—in the photos below.

Subway Map
Members of Faith Leaders for Environmental Justice are lead on a tour by Anhthu Hoang (far right), Director of Environmental Health/General Counsel for WEACT.
View of GW Bridge from Riverbank State Park.
(L) Victoria Benitez, Senior Public Affairs Officer, Columbia University, (C) Jenny Benitez, Riverside Valley Community Garden Coordinator, and (R) Mr. Benitez.
Telling history of North River Water Pollution Control Plant. (L) Peggy Sheppard, Executive Director of WEACT, (C) Anhthu Hoang, Director of Environmental
(L) Charles Calloway, Community Organizer and Outreach Coordinator, WEACT and (R) Lisa Garcia, Esq., Senior Advisor to the Administrator for Environmental Justice.

Also, the Earth Institute of Columbia University has created a fantastic video about the Green Mapping project. Watch it here:

Banner featuring a collage of extreme heat images.

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