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Disney’s Oceans, the timely movie

The oceans, or at least the Gulf of Mexico, are getting more attention these day than normal, even if it is with an overlay (pun intended) of oil and big business.  Dying sea turtles, shrimp fishermen out of business, sea birds scrubbed with tooth brushes, wetlands on the brink of destruction.  It’s real-life drama happening in real time.

It’s also a good time to learn a little more about what’s at stake when human beings put their own interests over those of the rest of the planet.  A sheen of oil coats the surface, but what about underneath?

On Earth Day, Disney Nature released the film ‘Oceans’.  It’s a big-screen, high quality look into a part of the world that most of us can only imagine.  Less nature documentary and more visual poem, the film is light on information and heavy on inspiration.

While there is recognition of the destruction of marine habitats, it is done with a light touch, clearly communicating the value of oceans without the need for financial or political arguments.  As an added benefit, for each person who purchased a ticket during the first week the film showed in theaters, Disney donated $.20 to the Nature Conservancy’s Adopt a Coral Reef program.

Below are some still images from the film to wet your appetite (again with the puns, sorry).  Go see it!


Get up close and personal with big guys and little guys.


Some of the filming is shown at the end – otherwise, there are few humans to be seen.


And a short teaser:

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