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JM Eagle CEO Walter Wang Tours Millennium Villages in East Africa

Prof Jeffrey Sachs, Walter Wang and officials from the government of Rwanda inaugurate a water kiosk in Gakindo. Photo Credit: Guillaume Bonn

Water, the driving force of nature and the source of all life, isn’t easy to come by in many areas of Sub-Saharan Africa. That’s why The Earth Institute partnered with Walter Wang, CEO of JM Eagle, to set up new and innovative water systems in The Earth Institute’s many Millennium Villages in 2009. To see how construction on the MVP water systems had progressed since then, Mr. Wang and several JM Eagle executives, along with Dr. Jeffrey Sachs, recently visited three Millennium Villages in Rwanda, Kenya, and Uganda.

JM Eagle, the largest producer of plastic pipe in the world, has been an important ally in the development of The Earth Institute’s Millennium Villages Project (MVP). Mr. Wang’s generous donation of 400 miles of durable plastic pipe and additional funds for engineering and design costs will provide thousands of people in Sub-Saharan Africa with access to water. This latest visit is Wang’s second to Africa to witness the positive effect that a clean and reliable water supply has on a village community.

During the visit to the Millennium Village of Sauri, Kenya, Wang saw the impact of his donation on both large-scale and personal levels. Wang toured a municipal water treatment facility that served hundreds of families in and around Sauri through the piped water systems set up with donated plastic pipe. To view the impact of that water system on the community, Wang toured a school that was now able to feed students through its garden and poultry farm, both made possible by newly constructed water piping systems courtesy of JM Eagle.

A woman carries plastic pipes donated by JM Eagle to a construction site. Photo credit: Guillaume Bonn

The need for clean water in Africa is particularly acute. According to the African Development Bank, only 20% of the irrigation potential and about 6% of the hydropower potential has been developed in Sub-Saharan Africa. In addition, access to clean water supplies and sanitation in Africa was estimated in 2006 to be 64% and 38%, respectively, compared with corresponding world averages of 87% and 62%. Such deficits in clean water access result in millions of deaths each year due to water-borne diseases.

JM Eagle’s partnership with the Millennium Villages Project has created a model for water infrastructure development that is already working to tap Africa’s potential while saving lives.

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Isaac zulu
Isaac zulu
12 years ago

Sir , first am really encouraged with your testimony ,its has touchd my heart & what your doing for african countries is really some thing special & important in the sight of man & God . But please dont leave out zambia ,we also need help sir ……i hope and pray that u wil consider our cry. GOD bless u .

elvis mastere
12 years ago

Sir,first of all let me thankyou for your donation.Being a native of Kenya,I am aware of the suffering most of my fellow countrymen endure all because of lack of water.Water is a driving force of development and rest assured the gratitude that is shown here because of your donation is more than words can express.thankyou

12 years ago

Sir, many thanks for your encouranging healing testmony aired on CBN. Thanks again for your great kindness to peoples of African and especially my county Kenya. God bless you and your family. you are a True Christian. as you said….. ‘MAY THE CUP KEEP FLOWING IN THE NAME OF JESUS’

Josh S
12 years ago

It’s good to see that people actually care and are willing to help out. Thank you.