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Eni Brings New Energy to the Corporate Circle

In keeping with its environmental, social and operational sustainability goals, Italian energy company Eni recently renewed its membership with the Earth Institute’s Corporate Circle as a Strategic Partner through 2012. With a presence in seventy-nine countries, Eni has worked to integrate the interests of stakeholders ranging from local communities to non-governmental organizations to business partners and consumers in its activities on both a global and local scale. Its partnership with the Earth Institute serves to further Eni’s goals of integrating public interests in its business activities.

Eni’s $200,000 contribution will help support the Earth Institute’s cross-cutting initiatives on energy, climate change, and sustainable economic development. In addition, Eni and the Earth Institute are working to create a broader partnership to promote achievement of the Millennium Development Goals in Africa through initiatives that help local communities gain access to basic energy services while insuring the sustainable management of natural resources.

This partnership fits in nicely with Eni’s long history of active involvement with corporate and social responsibility. Eni was one of the first major European companies to incorporate sustainability and ethics into company policy and for the past several years Eni has gone on receive recognition for its accomplishments in several corporate and social responsibility (CSR) indexes.  This recognition comes from Eni’s success in scaling up its CSR operations with each passing year by clearly defining its corporate commitments to stakeholders, developing comprehensive sustainability objectives and by thoroughly analyzing the results of its corporate policies.

Eni’s partnership with the Earth Institute will further help the company define and achieve its corporate and social responsibility goals. Through its Strategic Partnership, Eni will be able to draw on the Earth Institute’s brain trust of faculty experts and top Columbia students to better integrate sustainable practices in its company operations. In addition, Eni will also gain access to speaking engagements, high level meetings and workshops for the latest research and analysis on sustainable development, executive education seminars, and sustainability advisement programs.

Through their highly successful partnership, both the Earth Institute and Eni will come closer to reaching their joint goal of creating more sustainable planet.

About Eni

Eni is an integrated energy company working primarily in the areas of oil and natural gas production. It is comprised of around 80,000 employees working on six continents. For more information about Eni please visit .

About the Corporate Circle

Through the Corporate Circle, the Earth Institute seeks to engage corporations dedicated to sustainable development in ongoing, mutually beneficial relationships. These partnerships allow corporations to take advantage of the latest information, tools and networks in the field.  We promote opportunities to join the Earth Institute in building strong links between corporate sustainability and holistic sustainable development worldwide through various membership options. For more information, please visit .

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