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A Drone’s Eye View of Another Active Japanese Volcano

The day before Japan’s Ontake volcano blew its top, Lamont volcanologist Einat Lev visited Shinmoedake, another active volcano in Japan, to film the aftermath of a recent eruption there. Three years after Shinmoe came to life with a steam explosion similar to Ontake’s, the volcano continues to spew poisonous sulfur dioxide gas. To stay safe, Lev, currently a visiting scientist at the University of Tokyo’s Volcanic Research Center, flew a drone over Shinmoe to capture this footage of its dome and crater:


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9 years ago

Wow that’s cool. Perfect job for the DJI Phantom. You really can’t get a idea of the mass and power from the ground. Makes you realize if it was to erupt you had best be far away. Smart to use a Phantom drone to document the areas with toxic sulfur.

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