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Call for Proposals: Earth Frontiers: A New Seed Funding Program

This fall, the Earth Institute will be evaluating project proposals under its new Earth Frontiers seed funding program for Columbia University faculty and researchers. The program, which was first announced this past spring of 2019, is accepting projects through September 9, 2019.

The purpose of the program is to support the development of new interdisciplinary projects that capitalize on the breadth of expertise of the university to produce new knowledge, and in some cases, formulate, disseminate and, if practical, implement science-based solutions and policies to sustainability problems.

The Earth Institute is seeking proposals for the development of interdisciplinary projects that show promise in making meaningful and tangible contributions in the following areas.

  • Decarbonization: decarbonization of energy, manufacturing, transportation, agriculture and land use, the development of energy storage, negative emissions, energy savings.
  • Future climate and climate adaptation: getting a more accurate estimate of what is likely or possible in future in terms of climate change and its consequences (e.g. sea level change), and living with the effects of climate change, extreme events and climate variability.
  • Stewardship of the planet: e.g. responsible governance and use of the oceans, biosphere and natural resources.
  • Sustainable living: urbanization, sustainable development, investment, and management, circular economy, public health, food systems, peace and security.
  • Restless earth: relief and preparedness for natural disasters such as earthquakes, tsunamis and volcanic eruptions.
  • Earth fundamentals: how Earth-like planets work and what is required for habitability.

The Earth Institute is especially interested in seeding novel research projects that bring together researchers from across the university, in particular engineering disciplines, novel technologies, the humanities, ecology, biodiversity and plant science, economics and social sciences, public health, the arts, glaciology, satellite observations and coastal processes, decision making and policy, extra-terrestrial planetary climate and habitability, law and data science.

Proposals that combine both research and practice are welcome, as both activities are central to the Earth Institute. Practice must be grounded in Columbia University’s basic and applied research in sustainability, thus bringing the most advanced knowledge base to the field, the ultimate test bed for theories and hypotheses developed in the research environment of the Earth Institute.

The full proposal guidelines can be found here.

This is only seed funding. It is not for long-term support of projects, and there is an expectation that funded projects will lead to external funding. The proposal deadline is September 9, 2019: 12pm EST.  For additional information, contact Gabriella Cohen (212-854-0418).

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