Adrienne Day, Author at State of the Planet

Columbia Climate School Releases ‘Carbon Markets, Nature, Rights and Climate Justice’ Roundtable Report ahead of COP28

Lessons from early nature-based markets have shown significant risks if the needs of frontline actors are not considered in every step of design and implementation.

by Johanna Lovecchio |November 28, 2023

Rethinking Boundaries in a Warming World

Climate-driven migration is sure to increase. Here’s why we need to embrace it.

by Cate Twining-Ward |November 21, 2023

Five Ways to Host a More Sustainable Thanksgiving

Food systems researcher Jessica Fanzo offers tips for a more environmentally friendly holiday.

by Jessica Fanzo |November 20, 2023

The Fifth National Climate Assessment: Change Is Here, but There Is Hope

The Fifth National Climate Assessment was released today. The message: change is here, but immediate action can avert the worst impacts.

by |November 14, 2023

Learning How Trees Can Help Unlock Secrets of Our Climate Future

A new cataloging system will help better preserve, track and share thousands of tree ring samples from around the globe.

by Olivia Colton and Tyler Zorn |November 10, 2023

Climate LIVE K12 Is Back: RSVP for Winter 2023 and Spring 2024 Sessions

In the Climate LIVE video series, experts from across the Columbia Climate School discuss topics in climate and sustainability for grade school and university students, educators, parents and the public.

by Laurel Zaima-Sheehy |November 7, 2023

Highlights from 2023’s Open House at Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory

Through interactive exhibits, games, glacier goo, and a few volcanic eruptions, people of all ages learned about geology, earth science, and climate change.

by |October 19, 2023

When It Comes to Climate, Embrace Chaos, Says a Physicist

Physicist Tim Palmer explains why chaos theory is so pivotal in tackling climate change

by |October 18, 2023

How Big Institutions Stymie Disaster Response, and What to Do About It

The new book Catastrophic Incentives explores why society is underprepared for natural and human-made disasters.

by Christopher D. Shea |October 4, 2023