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Audrey Ramming

Audrey Ramming graduated from Salisbury University with a dual degree in biology and environmental studies, and a perfect record of almost making it to regionals in Ultimate Frisbee. Audrey worked as a field biologist before joining the Masters in Climate and Society program at Columbia University. She is interested in how climate change affects the functioning of ecological communities across the world’s biomes, especially as it relates to migration and disease. Audrey is a native of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, but is a beach bum at heart, and enjoys hiking, kayaking, crab feasting, and traveling. Follow Audrey on Twitter: @RammingAudrey

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To protect the tribe from rising caseloads in Montana, the National Park Service and the Blackfeet Reservation worked together to close the park’s eastern border.

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Balls of Moss Travel in Herds Atop Some Glaciers and We Don’t Know Why

A new study raises intriguing questions about these green balls of vegetation that travel in unison across glacier surfaces.

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Melting Ice Reveals an Ancient Thriving Trade Route

Artifacts from a receding ice patch provide a glimpse of Iron Age and Viking activity along a mountain pass.

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