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I am a junior in Columbia College, Columbia University, and I'm majoring in astrophysics. My interests range from high energy compact objects and astroparticle physics to global warming research and advancing renewable energy.

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Glaciers and mountains in the Tibetan Plateau

Glacial Ice Cores Reveal 15,000 Year Old Microbes

Ancient ice contains a rich microbial record going back thousands of years. Recent advances have provided tools to study their genes and evolution, but climate change threatens to erase this frozen archive.

by |September 1, 2021
A sketch of a Viking home's original shape

Melting Ice and a High Altitude Dig Reveal Viking Secrets in Norway

A wealth of ancient artifacts stand to be discovered as high altitude ice melts, but the relationship between high altitude archaeology and climate change is a somber one.

by |August 6, 2021
Massive protest in Santiago, Chile

Environmentalists and Glacier Activists Are Poised to Rewrite Chile’s Constitution

A newly elected constitutional assembly is charged with rewriting Chile’s constitution from scratch, with strong representation from Indigenous peoples and environmentalists, including glacier activists.

by |July 9, 2021
The point where a glacier in Greenland meets the ocean

An Artificial Neural Network Joins the Fight Against Receding Glaciers

A new artificial neural network named CALFIN catalogues the rates at which glaciers are melting, demonstrating what the future of glaciology could look like.

by |May 5, 2021

Can a New Type of Glacier on Mars Aid Future Astronauts?

A recent publication identifies evidence of glacial activity and underground ice on Mars in an unusually flat and temperate area, which could serve as a future human landing site.

by |April 19, 2021