David Maurrasse, Author at State of the Planet

David J. Maurrasse is a research scholar at the Earth Institute. He is the president and founder of Marga Inc., a consulting firm providing advice and research to strengthen philanthropy and innovative cross-sector partnerships to address some of today's most pressing social concerns. He serves as an Adjunct Associate Professor at the School of International and Public Affairs, teaching a course titled "Strategy, Community Partnerships, and Philanthropy". He has published numerous books, including "Beyond the Campus" (2001), "Strategic Public Private Partnerships" (2013), and others. His upcoming book, "Philanthropy and Society" will explore how strategic philanthropy can include the perspectives and participation of grantee communities.

Recent Posts

Olympic rings on a bridge in Tokyo

Tokyo Olympics 2021: What Will Be the Lasting Impacts?

What are the long-term benefits of Olympic games to cities? Do these events tend to reduce inequities and expand opportunities, or do they exacerbate existing disparities?

by |July 20, 2021
hands on a tree

How Community Partnerships Are Helping to Address Environmental Concerns

Partnerships between communities, governments, nonprofits, and the private sector have been emerging as important pathways to developing local solutions.

by David Maurrasse and Victoria Bortfeld |May 26, 2021
people carrying food boxes from a truck

Philanthropy During COVID-19

In the first half of 2020, philanthropic giving was high, but only 5% of it was specifically designated for BIPOC communities.

by |April 30, 2021
black lives matter sign

How Philanthropic Organizations Can Do More to Support Racial Equity

Black communities and organizations receive blatantly low philanthropic funding. To fix this, foundations must examine their values and the populations they serve.

by |June 11, 2020
Workers pack up emergency response provisions in the Philippines.

How Philanthropic Organizations are Addressing Coronavirus Around the World

The repercussions of COVID-19 are being felt around the world. A variety of forms of philanthropy have surfaced in response.

by |May 7, 2020
hands with latex gloves exchanging money

The Role of Philanthropy During the Coronavirus Pandemic

In an effective democratic society, philanthropy should complement and expand on government action and resources.

by |March 24, 2020

How Private Philanthropies Can Maximize Their Impacts

In his new book, Philanthropy and Society, research scholar David Maurrasse highlights strategic and inclusive tactics that help philanthropic institutions to more effectively serve their communities.

by |February 25, 2020

Patient Capital: Financing Nonprofits

Nonprofit organizations face pressures to focus spending on external operations and pull back on central administrative costs, but this emphasis can undermine the ability of the organization to effectively deliver its services. The concept of “patient capital” offers another point of view.

by |February 15, 2017

Anchor Institutions Task Force Holds Annual Conference

In November 2016, the Anchor Institutions Task Force held its annual conference in New York City. Over 150 representatives from a variety of anchor institutions and partner organizations came together to discuss how anchor institutions can make valuable contributions to community and economic development through local partnerships.

by |December 3, 2016

Anchor Institutions and Employment

Despite the significance of anchor institutions to local economies, popular and political discourse does not always emphasize their importance. Anchor institutions, such as universities and hospitals, provide various employment opportunities while contributing to the health of local economies in other ways.

by |October 31, 2016