Dale Willman, Author at State of the Planet

The container ship, Ever Given, stuck sideways across the Suez Canal and blocking the canal to all ship traffic

How Journalists Can Track Down Great Satellite Images in Realtime

The pandemic has been making on-the-ground photojournalism difficult. Eyes in the sky offer a variety of options, some of them free.

by |March 31, 2021
A tall power pole with many crossing wires. It's the old style of power pole, with cross members and glass insulators.

Reducing Risk and Avoiding Disaster – Creating Grid 2.0

Experts discussed the challenges and opportunities of upgrading the electric grid during a recent webinar.

by |March 12, 2021
A graphic showing how to deal with online abuse

How to Defend Yourself and Others Against Online Attacks

Social media can be an important communication tool for scientists and scholars, but it can also invite harassment. Here’s how to stay safe online, and help others who face abuse.

by Xantal Tejada Herrera |February 16, 2021
This is a photo of the Maine coastline at sunrise, with a pink band of sky, taken at Acadia National park

A Changing Regulatory Landscape Hurts the Environment

It’s important to follow what politicians do, not what they say, especially when it comes to environmental protections.

by |October 30, 2020
Two young men on a motorcycle carry a goat between them as they drive through a giant sandstorm, called a haboob

Land Restoration Can Profoundly Benefit People and the Environment

A recent webinar highlighted how returning land to a more natural state can help the climate, the local environment, and nearby communities.

by |October 26, 2020
A man kneels before a cross at a make-shift memorial outside Columbine High School near Denver, CO after a mass shooting there in April of 1999

Moral Injury: Repairing the Hidden Cost of Journalism

Reporters who witness immense suffering can experience “a wound on the soul.” A recent webinar discussed these wounds and how newsrooms can support mental healing.

by |September 29, 2020
A sign on a building in Albany, New York that reads, "You'll like the Times Union"

Journalism Needs More Diverse Voices

Journalism is supposed to be a two-way conversation, but many voices and cultures are not included on either end of the dialogue. It’s time for a reckoning, according to a recent webinar.

by |September 11, 2020
The tropical forest of the Maya Biosphere Preserve in Guatemala

To Preserve Tropical Forests, Empower Local Communities

In a recent webinar, researchers discussed communities in Guatemala that sustainably manage the local forest, creating jobs and income while controlling fires and narcotrafficking.

by |August 19, 2020
A giant sandstorm pummels northern South Sudan

Double Trouble: The Importance of Thinking About Compound Risk

Compound risk — when multiple risks occur simultaneously, or one after another — was the topic of a recent discussion as part of the Resilience Media Project, a part of the Initiative on Communication and Sustainability at the Earth Institute.

by |August 11, 2020
An orangutan swings in a tree in a rainforest on Borneo

Coronavirus and Wildfires Combine to Pose Potential Threat to Indigenous Lives and Lands

But experts say it’s not too late to reduce the most serious effects of these compound issues.

by |June 22, 2020