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Man in cap and sunglasses stands in front of a forest

Faculty Spotlight: Why Trees Will Always Have Something to Teach Us

Lamont research professor Brendan Buckley helps his students learn to listen to the trees.

by Olivia Colton |December 8, 2023
A smiling young man in front of a wall of photos

Alumni Spotlight: When the Student Becomes the Teacher

A recent graduate of the Master of Science in Sustainability Science program, Reuben Goh hopes to convey his enthusiasm for the environment to future students.

by Olivia Colton |December 1, 2023
Headshot of young man against a black backdrop

Student Spotlight: Ponce de Leon Tidwell

A senior in the Undergraduate Program in Sustainable Development describes his path to natural history broadcast journalism.

by |November 28, 2023
summer interns

Student Spotlight: How the Sustainable Development Program Helped Further My Career

Two sustainable-development students reflect on career-defining internships.

by |November 3, 2023
Damage from Hurricane Otis at the Mexican port of Acapulco

Will Events Like Hurricane Otis Become More Common?

Rapidly intensifying hurricanes are hard to predict. Research suggests that climate change may be making them more frequent.

by Jonathan Lin and Suzana Camargo |November 2, 2023

Alumni Spotlight: What It’s Like to Work at SpaceX

Daryush Nourbaha says a master’s degree in sustainability science prepared him well for his role at one of the world’s most high-profile companies. Plus he got to watch a rocket launch.

by Olivia Colton |October 12, 2023
person in a hard hat squats in a field of solar panels

Opinion: For Solar Power to Go Global, We Must Consider Relaxing Intellectual Property Rights

Developing countries are being left behind in the solar power revolution. To achieve global decarbonization, we need to revise the rules of global trade.

by Alejandra Padín Dujon |September 25, 2023

The Cyclones She Experienced as a Child Led to a Career in Hurricane Risk

Atmospheric physicist Chia-Ying Lee is working to improve our understanding of how tropical cyclones will evolve in the future.

by Christopher D. Shea |September 19, 2023

Updates on the Climate School Student Government

A primer on what the Climate School student government is, and how to get involved.

by |August 31, 2023

Meet Jonelle Maltay From the Climate and Society Class of 2024

After working for years in finance and sustainability, a new student aims to expand her horizons.

by |August 30, 2023