Jacquelyn Turner, Author at State of the Planet

An Inside Look at the Making of the Recent IPCC Report

IRI climate scientist Daniel Ruiz Carrascal shares his experiences working on this globally influential report, as well as his thoughts about how he hopes it will affect research and action in the future.

by |December 17, 2021

Insurance Tools for Climate Adaptation: Q&A with Rahel Diro

Diro is an expert on index-based insurance, a proven way to help farmers cover some of the financial losses caused by drought and other weather extremes that damage their crops.

by |September 3, 2021
farmer holds a fish in hands

Video: From Farm to Training in Bangladesh

A project that gives farmers access to climate information can help them implement management strategies that protect their fish and other crops.

by |May 13, 2021
lisa goddard speaking into a microphone

Q&A With Lisa Goddard on Leadership in Climate Science

Originally one of few women in her field, Goddard transformed her difference into an advantage. Today she is internationally recognized for her research and leadership in climate science.

by |March 8, 2021
young man walks behind cattle plowing field

Video: Adapting Agriculture to Climate Today, for Tomorrow

The project aims to combat hunger by increasing climate knowledge in six countries that are particularly vulnerable to the effects of climate change and fluctuations.

by |March 3, 2021
black and white mosquito

Researchers Show Potential for Subseasonal Forecasts to Predict Dengue Outbreaks

A new study shows for the first time that rainfall and temperature forecasts can be used to predict outbreaks of dengue fever by estimating mosquito abundance.

by |August 25, 2020
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More Than Rice: The Future of Food Security in Vietnam

Representatives from Vietnamese government agencies and farmers’ groups came together at a recent workshop to discuss how to improve access to climate information for more effective decision making.

by |July 25, 2019