Marie DeNoia Aronsohn, Author at State of the Planet

sandra goldmark in front of lamp

Circularity: A Powerful Tool for Fighting Climate Change

Sandra Goldmark discusses an upcoming Climate Week NYC event on the power of a new approach to consumption as a collective climate response.

by |September 19, 2022
hands catch water coming out of a hand pump

The Shape of Water: Engaging Budding Scientists to Explore the Deep

A preview of Barnard College’s World Water Day events

by |March 16, 2022
tedesco looking at laptop computer while sitting on ice sheet

Marco Tedesco: Snow Man

Although his parents wanted him to become an electrical engineer, Tedesco felt drawn to a life of research. Then he fell in love with snow. Now he is among the most well-respected and quoted polar experts in the world.

by |January 13, 2022

Clearing the Air: Decarbonization Technologies Take a Giant Step Forward

Research from Columbia’s Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory is being used to pull CO2 out of the air.

by |January 6, 2022

Where COVID-19’s Death Grip Slipped (Briefly)

In 2020, mortality rates climbed in most of the world, but dropped in the Bangladeshi countryside, for reasons that are still unknown.

by |November 15, 2021

Why Did Glacial Cycles Intensify a Million Years Ago?

A new study suggests that a million years ago, glaciers began sticking more persistently to their beds, triggering cycles of longer ice ages.

by |November 8, 2021

Irwin Redlener: On the Pandemic, Harnessing Celebrity Fame, and Public Health Activism

The pediatrician and founder of Columbia’s National Center for Disaster Preparedness also talks about childcare, climate change, and what’s next for him.

by |September 14, 2021
Working on the ship.

Making Up for Lost Time: Earth and Climate Scientists Get Back Out Into the Field

Lamont’s field season typically sees as many as 50 to 60 expeditions, which take researchers to all corners of the globe. As pandemic restrictions begin to lift, teams are picking up where they left off.

by |August 5, 2021
map of sensor locations along trench

New Study Helps to Explain ‘Silent Earthquakes’ Along New Zealand’s North Island

Underwater mountains may help to dampen movements along faults that otherwise have the potential to generate large earthquakes.

by |July 7, 2021
sign warning about fire risk and smoke in sky

Summer Forecast: Dangerous Heat, Fire, and an Active Hurricane Season

Climate change may be loading the dice for a tough summer.

by |June 28, 2021