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scientists in hardhats prepare large sensor

Searching for Faults From Afar

Researchers are using ocean-bottom and land-based seismometers to record the R/V Marcus Langseth’s soundings from afar, to better understand the potential impacts of large earthquakes in the Cascadia region.

by Nathan Miller, Pablo Canales, Anne Tréhu |July 12, 2021
scan of seafloor

Collecting More Than Just Seismic Data Along the Cascadia Fault

While researchers search for a megathrust fault off the Pacific Northwest coast, they are also helping to map the seafloor in high resolution and detect underwater methane seeps.

by Jeff Beeson and Michelle Lee |July 8, 2021

Looking Out for Marine Mammals

When using sound to search for an undersea fault, researchers must take special precautions to protect dolphins, whales and other vulnerable species.

by Suzanne Carbotte, Amanda Dubuque and the PSO team |July 6, 2021
chart of sound wave reflections

Seismic Data on Deck: Sounding for the Cascadia Megathrust Fault

Using sound and a 7.5-mile-long streamer towed behind the boat, scientists can collect a tremendous amount of data from under the seafloor.

by Brian Boston |July 1, 2021
researchers sitting on toadstools on the beach

Observations While on Quarantine in Newport, Oregon

Before embarking on a 6-week voyage to scan for Cascadia’s megathrust fault, the research team had to quarantine for two weeks in a hotel.

by Madeleine Lucas |June 30, 2021

Searching for the Megathrust Fault at Cascadia

Researchers have set sail to find and map a fault that causes giant earthquakes in the Pacific Northwest.

by |June 29, 2021