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Rio 2016 Olympics: Another Reason to Watch Brazil’s Rise

If public-private partnerships are essential to successfully carrying out the Olympics and using it to catalyze positive change for the host city, then Rio could have an important advantage for hosting the games in 2016.

by |August 24, 2012
Porto Maravilha Rio

Cities Are Where the Action Is, Post-Rio

Representatives of the worlds’ cities came to Rio in June for a series of events focused on the problems pressing in on the burgeoning urban population. Mayors around the world already are working on solutions and came out of Rio with concrete commitments for the future.

by |August 16, 2012

UN Secretary General Names EI Director Jeffrey Sachs to Lead Sustainability Project

The Sustainable Development Solutions Network will bring together public and private research centers to address some of the urgent social, environmental and economic problems raised during the recent Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro.

by |August 9, 2012
China, clean energy, wind farm

China Burns up the Clean Energy Race

Although China dominates in the race to be the leading global manufacturer of clean renewable energy, they are not necessarily doing the most for the environment. China, consistently pushing the clean energy market towards an economic future, was expected to be a leading developing country in negotiations at Rio+20. Meanwhile, the United States, without a more forward-looking energy policy, simply cannot compete.

by |July 26, 2012

ESP Alum Attends Rio +20

Last month, MPA in Environmental Science and Policy alum Krystal Laymon (MPA-ESP Class of 2012) traveled to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil for the Rio +20: The United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development. The conference, intended to be a follow-up to the 1992 Earth Summit in Rio, was the largest United Nations environmental summit to date. Representatives from more than 190 countries gathered to discuss issues regarding economic growth, social equality, and environmental protection and provide a strong push towards sustainable development.

by |July 23, 2012

Investigating the World’s Oceans, Pole to Pole and Deep Below the Bottom

Watch a slide show featuring ongoing research by scientists at Columbia University’s Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, whose work around the globe is key to understanding past changes in the oceans and what is going on today.

by |July 9, 2012

Taking Steps (Together) in the Right Direction

The latest 2012 Climate Change Policy Tracker report released by Deutsche Bank Climate Change Advisors in partnership with the Columbia Climate Center shows that while current policies lead to emissions reductions, there is significant distance to go to reach “safe” levels of atmospheric greenhouse gases by 2020.

by |July 5, 2012
Equator Prizes 2012 Rio

A Celebration of Sustainability Innovation

The 2012 Equator Prizes were awarded to 25 local initiatives from Bangladesh, Tajikistan, Nicaragua, Swaziland and Brazil and elsewhere, for work by local groups toward the advancement of sustainable development solutions.

by |June 30, 2012
Raquel Solomon led a workshop on sustainable development for high school students in Johannesburg on June 6.

Education for Sustainable Citizenship

UNESCO Director General Irena Bokova said sustainable development cannot be achieved by political agreements, financial incentives or technological solutions alone. There must be a fundamental change in the ways individuals think and act.

by |June 27, 2012

A Faustian Choice: Population and Environment

Population growth is a key contributor to the pressures pushing at our planetary boundaries. In Rio+20 discussions, implications of population growth have become shrouded in platitudes. It is important that discussions on planetary limits clearly lay out possible strategies that can alleviate these pressures.

by |June 25, 2012