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A view into the offices of Twitter's headquarters

Layoffs in Big Tech Are an Opportunity to Tackle Climate Change

Anyone working in tech already has the skills to help solve our generation’s biggest challenge.

by Thomas Turnbull |December 2, 2022
shapes made of colored clay

How the Climate Imaginations Network is Dreaming Up a Better World

A collective of researchers, artists, and storytellers is approaching the climate crisis with imagination and creativity. All are welcome.

by Joshua Nodiff |December 1, 2022
airplane engine while plane is on the tarmack

I Shouldn’t Have to Pay to Fly With a Clean Conscience

It is crucial that policymakers focus on regulating airline emissions and fostering innovation in sustainable aviation fuels.

by Matteo Chiadò Piat |November 8, 2022

We Are Running Out of Time to Pass the Recovering America’s Wildlife Act

The Senate has a unique opportunity to transform conservation efforts in the U.S. And with midterm elections coming soon, the clock is ticking.

by Ezekiel Maben, Oliver Hegi, Mel Peh, and Courtney Federico |November 4, 2022
view of the manhattan skyline across the hudson river

There Are, in Fact, Fish in the Hudson River

The river — much like post-pandemic New York City — is more resilient than people think.

by Helena Kilburn |November 2, 2022
firefighter walks through scorched debris

Opinion: Pacific Gas and Electric Company Needs to Pay for Its Crimes Against California

It’s not just PG&E’s equipment that leaves California vulnerable to fires. For more than 100 years, the company has released carbon into the atmosphere, aggravating the climate crisis that’s turning the state’s forests into kindling.

by Emma Lauterbach |October 18, 2022

Why Can’t Taco Bell Tell You It’s Actually Trying To Be Sustainable?

The fast food chain is missing an opportunity to educate its millions of daily consumers on what will truly “make a fiery difference” in saving our planet.

by Paul Hagopian |October 14, 2022
squash plants on a farm

Stop Making Farmers Pay to Fight Climate Change

Regenerative agriculture is one way to farm more sustainably. The Farm Bill, up for renewal in 2023, could play a key role in helping this solution come to fruition.

by Cassidy Pearson |October 6, 2022
person holding sign that says 'end racism'

Reflections on Centering Racial Equity at the NYC Panel on Climate Change

A Columbia Climate School student shares lessons from trying to translate the concept of anti-racism into action in an institutional setting.

by Georgia Grzywacz |September 14, 2022
blurry trees and red sky

Will You Protect the Trees or the Forest?

Some environmental groups are prioritizing local, smaller-scale conservation over the critical goal of combatting global climate change.

by Allegra Reister |August 16, 2022