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person in a hard hat squats in a field of solar panels

Opinion: For Solar Power to Go Global, We Must Consider Relaxing Intellectual Property Rights

Developing countries are being left behind in the solar power revolution. To achieve global decarbonization, we need to revise the rules of global trade.

by Alejandra Padín Dujon |September 25, 2023
A rainforest surrounded by fog.

Can a New Forest Alliance Change Nature Finance for the Better?

The partnership of three countries—Brazil, the Democratic Republic of Congo, and Indonesia—could play a pivotal role in reducing global deforestation.

by Ezekiel Maben |June 20, 2023
person in a hoodie with smoke in front of their face

Tackling E-Cigarettes: One Path Forward in the Fight Against E-Waste Pollution

Vaping is often billed as a healthy alternative to traditional cigarettes, but advocates fail to register e-cigarettes’ contribution to the growing threat of e-waste.

by Ian Galinson |April 28, 2023
Flooding in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina.

Should We Stop Using the Term ‘Natural Disaster’?

The words we use to describe events matter. Would a different term elicit more substantial change?

by Ella Jacobs |March 14, 2023
a tick on a stalk of grass

Tick Tock: CDC Takes Its Time Treating Chronic Lyme Disease

A student’s long and painful journey toward diagnosis and treatment shows the urgent need for chronic Lyme disease awareness and funding.

by Grace Burns |March 10, 2023
rising water levels submerging the family's belongings

Flooding in Jakarta: A Call to Increase Climate Change Awareness

Despite being frequent victims of climate-driven disasters, Indonesians are largely unaware of climate change and its impacts. Education, media attention, and conversations could be key to shifting those perceptions.

by Sharah Yunihar Saputra |March 3, 2023
copper mine in the DRC

By Favoring Allies, Inflation Reduction Act Could Delay Decarbonization Efforts

Domestic supply requirements in the landmark climate bill could make it more difficult to obtain the critical minerals needed for energy transition, and may disqualify many leading brands of electric vehicles from tax credits.

by Julia-Grace Sanders |January 13, 2023
A view of the New York City skyline from Governors Island

How Governors Island Could Become a Beacon for Climate Solutions

A new climate research center on Governors Island will be critical in designing a more resilient city — and the Columbia Climate School has an opportunity to be at the helm.

by Joshua Nodiff |December 28, 2022
dark room with green glowing lights for bitcoin mining

Failing Crypto Could Be a Win for the Environment

The uncertainty plaguing the crypto world is devastating for investors, but it could have a positive impact on greenhouse gas emissions and the future of digital currency.

by Emma Lauterbach |December 20, 2022
satellite image of rikers island

A Renewable Future for Formerly Incarcerated New Yorkers

Rikers Island, the world’s largest penal colony, could become a solar farm. While this is a significant step toward a healthier future, certain considerations must be taken into account to ensure the transition is just and equitable.

by Joshua Nodiff |December 15, 2022