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Alumni Spotlight: Julia Koppman Norton, District Supervisor at California Coastal Commission

The Environmental Science and Policy program gave Norton the tools she needed to become a protector of, and advocate for, California’s beaches.

by Taylor Goto |October 14, 2021
John and Wendy in the field

“Tell Us What You Need:” The Essential NGO Mindset

M.S. Sustainability Management alum Wendy Hapgood co-founded the Wild Tomorrow Fund, which is currently rewilding a large tract of land in South Africa.

by Thinus Venter |August 19, 2021
Aiyana Bodi portrait photo

Alumni Spotlight: Aiyana Bodi, Intersectional Environmentalist and Innovative Thinker

The MPA-ESP program allowed her to discover climate policy with a focus on legislative affairs.

by Michael Bannon |August 11, 2021
Kimberley Miner

Alumni Spotlight: Dr. Kimberley Miner

MPA-ESP alumna Dr. Kimberley Miner has spent her career understanding earth and climate systems to better predict and mitigate the effects of climate change.

by Delaney Wellington |July 27, 2021
kimberly oremus headshot

Alumni Spotlight: Professor Kimberly Oremus

Her studies at Columbia help her to bridge the divide between the natural sciences and human behavior, so that she can implement more effective sustainability solutions.

by Madeleine Lemos |April 13, 2021
Jeff Berardelli

Alumni Spotlight: TV Meteorologist Jeff Berardelli

Climate and Society alum Jeff Berardelli brings climate change coverage to millions of homes across the country.

by Cynthia Thomson |December 1, 2020
milo mcbride portrait

Alumni Spotlight: Milo McBride, Climate Advocate and Creative Thinker

The recent graduate shares highlights from his time in the Environmental Science and Policy program, and advice for current students.

by Jiaqi Wang |September 17, 2020

Alumni Spotlight: Pooja Chawda, Decarbonizing the Future by Cultivating Interconnectedness

Her degree in Sustainability Manage helps her to fuse policy with environment and social justice.

by |September 3, 2020

Alumni Spotlight: Donald Wissell Fuses Finance and Sustainability

According to Wissell, sustainability and finance require the same skills, including innovative thinking, problem solving, and public education. 

by |September 1, 2020

Alumni Spotlight: Gabe Cowles, Creatively Adapting During the COVID-19 Crisis

He works for a company that normally makes batteries to support renewable energy. During the pandemic, however, they have pivoted to making hand sanitizer.

by Chandler Precht |August 27, 2020