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Warming Streams Have Cascading Impacts in the Amazon

To protect a river, you must preserve its headwaters. Agricultural development is warming streams at the headwaters of the Xingu River, in Mato Grosso, Brazil. Rising temperatures have local impacts that could cascade into regional changes, highlighting the importance of responsible land use outside of protected areas.

by |October 13, 2014

What Do Wildfires Have to Do with Climate Change?

“Climate change has been making the fire season in the United States longer and on average more intense,” said John Holdren, President Obama’s science advisor. And, wildfires are not only intensified by climate change, they also exacerbate it.

by |October 13, 2014
Amazon Fires

Farmers, Flames and Climate: Are We Entering an Age of ‘Mega-Fires’?

For millennia, people have set fires to clear land for cultivation, pastures or hunting; so-called slash-and-burn agriculture is still common across much of tropical Africa, Asia and South America. It has been a useful strategy–but …

by |November 16, 2011
Soybean field, Mato Grosso, Brazil

Amazonians Have Shot at Reducing Greenhouse Gases, Says Study

The huge Brazilian Amazon state of Mato Grosso will cut its emissions of greenhouse gases by more than half if it sticks with current plans to reduce deforestation substantially by 2020, says a new study. The research, published this week in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, uses 105 years of historical data… read more

by |July 28, 2010