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isabelle seckler stands near tree and river

Biomimicry 101: Nature and the College Freshman

Sustainable development student Isabelle Seckler explains how nature taught her the most important lessons she has learned all year.

by Isabelle Seckler |May 25, 2020
ants on a plant

The Next Climate Tech Breakthrough May Have Already Happened, We Just Didn’t Notice

How biomimicry and evolution can offer sustainable solutions for adaptation and resilience.

by Isabelle Seckler |January 10, 2020

Copy Cat!: Fighting the Global Water Scarcity Issue

According to the World Water Management Institute, over one-third of the human population is affected by water scarcity. Advances in physical understanding, its applications, and the study of our environment and bio-mimicry help us develop more effective ways to fight freshwater scarcity around the world.

by |October 29, 2014

Nature-Inspired Robots

Scientists at the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne in Switzerland created a new breed of robots to advance their research in robotic movements. But the cheetah-cub robot is not the first animal to bound across laboratory floors. Scientists have produced a “mechanical menagerie” of robots that mimic four legged mammals, compact insects, and everything in between.

by |October 15, 2013

Biomimicry: Learning From Nature’s Genius

Biomimicry is the science of studying and emulating nature’s solutions to the problems that human beings are trying to solve. Over the 3.8 billion years that life has existed on Earth, nature, through evolution, has come up with sustainable and robust solutions that work and that endure.

by |March 28, 2011