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scientists in hardhats prepare large sensor

Searching for Faults From Afar

Researchers are using ocean-bottom and land-based seismometers to record the R/V Marcus Langseth’s soundings from afar, to better understand the potential impacts of large earthquakes in the Cascadia region.

by Nathan Miller, Pablo Canales, Anne Tréhu |July 12, 2021
chart of sound wave reflections

Seismic Data on Deck: Sounding for the Cascadia Megathrust Fault

Using sound and a 7.5-mile-long streamer towed behind the boat, scientists can collect a tremendous amount of data from under the seafloor.

by Brian Boston |July 1, 2021
researchers sitting on toadstools on the beach

Observations While on Quarantine in Newport, Oregon

Before embarking on a 6-week voyage to scan for Cascadia’s megathrust fault, the research team had to quarantine for two weeks in a hotel.

by Madeleine Lucas |June 30, 2021

Searching for the Megathrust Fault at Cascadia

Researchers have set sail to find and map a fault that causes giant earthquakes in the Pacific Northwest.

by |June 29, 2021

Clark Glacier Commemorated at Funeral in Oregon

In mid-October, Oregon’s Clark glacier was honored with a funeral and calls to protect the state’s often overlooked glaciers.

by |October 27, 2020