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a mother puts a mask on her daughter

New Guidance for Communicating With Kids About COVID-19

A new resource provides talking points for parents, medical professions, and others who work with kids to help reinforce healthy behaviors.

by |August 19, 2020
child picked up by coast guard

New Online Toolbox Helps Parents, Communities Keep Children Safe In Disasters

If disaster strikes while you’re at work, where will your children be taken? How can you ensure your children are protected?

by |June 22, 2018
soil sampling kit

High Levels of Lead Contaminate Many Backyards in Brooklyn Neighborhood

An ongoing study finds that 92 percent of private yards in Greenpoint may have unsafe levels of lead in their soil.

by |October 9, 2017

Program on Child Well-Being and Resilience

The study of child vulnerability and resilience in planning for, responding to, and recovering from mega-disasters is a key area of focus for Earth Institute’s National Center for Disaster Preparedness. Because of the importance and complexity of these issues and the urgency of making sure that children are appropriately protected and nurtured, policies and programs need to support children and their physical, cognitive and emotional development.

by |October 29, 2013

On Gulf Coast, Organizing Youth to Face Disaster

A new youth development and disaster recovery program, which grew out of research on the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, will debut in five Gulf Coast high schools. The project will bring together teens to create and share resources to help communities recover from disasters.

by |August 15, 2013

Why We Must Reconnect With Nature

In recent years both children and adults have only gotten more hooked on digital gadgets and technology. Is our connection with nature growing weaker, and if so, what might that mean for our planet?

by |May 26, 2011

World Pneumonia Day

Today is the first World Pneumonia Day (WPD).To demonstrate your solidarity with the millions of children who are afflicted with pneumonia every year, WPD asks that you wear blue jeans to school, work, or wherever you go on this day. WPD has organized a Global Pneumonia Summit of over 100 media representatives, scientists, political leaders,… read more

by |November 2, 2009