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kimono made with bioearth fabric, seen from multiple angles and in motion

Let Them Wear Dirt: Penmai Chongtoua Turns Soil Into Textiles

An artist and alumna of the Climate and Society program, Chongtoua is exploring a variety of ways to wear earth on our bodies. Her work seeks to shape how we view our relationship with the planet.

by |February 14, 2023
ghost forest art exhibit

Artist Maya Lin Presents Major New Works Addressing Climate Change

In a talk on June 10, she discussed “Ghost Forest” and “What Is Missing,” two pieces that address loss from climate change and potential solutions.

by Angeline Joelle Dimambro |June 22, 2021
drawing of glacier in whale bay

Emotional Appeal: How Art Can Inspire Action on Climate Change

Climate science tells us how the world is changing. Climate art shapes how we choose to respond.

by Elise Gout |April 20, 2021
art with pink and purple ripples

New Video Merges Art and Climate Science

A research group that projects the effects of our changing climate on agriculture, cities, and ecosystems teamed up with an artist to provide a visual record of the extraordinary time we are living through.

by Cynthia Rosenzweig |February 26, 2021

Timelines Project Paints the Lines of Glacier Retreat

Artist Fabian Oefner used drones and long-exposure photography to paint light trails on two Swiss glaciers, creating glowing lines that bring the glaciers’ dramatic retreats into high relief.

by |September 24, 2020

Climate and the Personal Essay — A Reading List

In a new reading group, students will explore the emotional and personal side of climate change. Follow along with this reading list.

by |February 11, 2020