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Left to right: Bennett Slibeck, Miles O’Brien, Elizabeth Case, and Daniel Babin at Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory’s Open House. Photo: Francesco Fiondella

Communicating Awe: How Three Young Scientists Reach New Audiences

In a panel moderated by journalist Miles O’Brien, Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory scientists discussed why creative scientific communication is important.

by |October 24, 2023
andy revkin speaking along Maine coastline

How to Defeat the Climate Change Complexity Monster

Use key questions to cut amorphous slogans like “climate emergency” into addressable pieces.

by |May 10, 2023
list of simple words

Simplifying the Language of the Climate Crisis

Climate and clean-energy communication is filled with numbing jargon and complexity. But clarity is needed to connect and empower. A simple writing tool might help.

by |March 23, 2023
teacher and boy look at a globe in a classroom

Project Will Survey Organizations Active in Climate Communication and Education

If you’re part of an organization that works in climate communication and education, please take 20 minutes to complete the online questionnaire. Others can help by spreading the word.

by Oren Pizmony-Levy |February 28, 2023
A smiling girl gives the thumbs-up next to a microphone.

Climate and Society Alumna Suzie Hicks Teaches Climate Science to Kids of All Ages

Suzie Hicks, “The Climate Chick,” talks about how she is using television and film to inspire young learners to form healthy relationships with environmental science and help improve the world around them.

by |February 23, 2023
hila perry

An Interview With ‘Hila the Killa,’ Eco-Rapper and Climate Clown

The popular TikTok edutainer shares her thoughts on how creativity and fun can contribute to climate change solutions.

by Pascale Déau |August 16, 2022
words associated with climate change

It’s Essential to Act on Climate Emergencies, But a Mistake for Biden to Declare One

It’s important to clarify what a “climate emergency” means and then pursue actions.

by |July 22, 2022
A photograph of the Eastern Ice Field

‘Make Scientists Artists Again:’ Photographer Ian van Coller on Reimagining Glacier Retreat

His new book reinterprets photographs from a 2016 expedition to Kilimanjaro’s glaciers, looks at the relationship between art and science, and documents loss caused by climate change.

by |July 12, 2022

Sal Brzozowski Thinks That Every Job is a Climate Job

An alum of the M.A. in Climate and Society program, Sal is a hair stylist working to promote decarbonization legislation and a climate movement that includes everyone.

by Suzie Hicks |May 11, 2022
how we got here logo

Behind the Podcast ‘How We Got Here’

Scientists Stephanie Spera and Rachel Lupien demystify how different professionals are addressing the climate crisis, one career path and podcast episode at a time.

by Elise Gout |April 21, 2022