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It’s Time to Build a Civilian Climate Corps

Let’s convert climate protest and fear into teamwork and learning that can build our economy while reducing global warming. Let’s build an American Civilian Climate Corps.

by |September 20, 2021

Faculty Spotlight: Yutian Wu, Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory Researcher and ESP Climatology Professor

Wu started her career in mathematics before coming to Lamont and applying it to climate change and atmospheric processes.

by Taylor Goto |September 8, 2021

Why We Will Meet the Challenge of the Climate Crisis

Technology solves problems and creates problems, and then new technology is needed to solve the problems created by earlier technologies. It’s an endless cycle.

by |June 14, 2021

Preparing for and Responding to Routine “Emergency” Threats to Our Security

The threats to our security are real and require a rational and strategic response. Let’s hope we can produce one.

by |June 7, 2021

Does Climate Urgency Lead to Climate Action?

A new study finds that a moderate level of urgency is most likely to inspire better climate decisions.

by Andrew Wilson and Ben Orlove |April 21, 2021

A Look at Climate-Caused Harms Unfolding in Peru’s Cordillera Blanca

Focusing on ice loss, glacier hazards, and water variability due to climate change, a new study highlights challenges for communities in Peru’s mountain cryosphere systems.

by |August 26, 2020

Youth Climate Strike and the Generational Urgency of the Climate Crisis

The Youth Climate Strike clearly communicates the generational urgency of the climate crisis.

by |September 16, 2019