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Anticipating and Tracking Climate Refugees in a Warming Africa

Researchers are looking at what drives climate migration, and how it might best be handled.

by |July 6, 2023
ama frances speaking at an event

At Davos, a Call for Solutions to Climate Migration and a Culture of Welcome Instead of Fear

The key to addressing climate migration and displacement is to come up with creative solutions that will make it easier — not harder — for people to flee from peril.

by Ama Francis |February 8, 2023
Map showing "Hotspots"--areas of intense activity--of migration in and out of countries of North Africa

New Climate Migration Modelling Puts a Human Face on Climate Impacts

New models project number of migrants within countries of six regions of the world to be up to 216 million by 2050.

Task Force Presents Advice to U.S. on Climate and Global Migration

Experts call for vastly expanded U.S. programs to aid displaced people.

by |July 14, 2021

Climate Migration: An Impending Global Challenge

As climate change impacts intensify, more and more people will likely be forced to leave their homes and potentially cross borders into other countries.

by |May 13, 2021
somalian family climate migrants

Fleeing the Climate: the ‘Great Migration’ Ahead

A new model finds that areas where humans can barely survive, which currently cover about 1 percent of the planet, will grow to about 20 percent within the next 50 years

by Marco Tedesco |August 21, 2020
island of kivalina with houses on it

Tribes Claim U.S. Government Violates Human Rights by Failing to Address Climate-Forced Displacement

Five U.S. tribes claim that climate change compromises their human rights, including rights to life, health, housing, water, sanitation, and a healthy environment.

kiribati beach

U.N. Human Rights Committee Issues Landmark Climate Migration Decision

The decision may open the door for climate refugee claims down the line.

by Hillary Aidun and Ama Francis |January 23, 2020
angel munoz

Can We Predict ‘Climate Migrations’?

A prototype model considers climate and socioeconomic factors to see if displacements of people can be predicted and better explained.

by |December 5, 2019
photo from managed retreat panel

Conference Raises Tough Questions About Retreat from Rising Seas

Hundreds of experts gathered on campus to discuss possibilities for protecting coastal communities and withdrawing when we can no longer safely inhabit our coastlines.

by |July 17, 2019