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Vaccination, Freedom and Responsibility

We need to exercise our freedoms with a sense of responsibility, mindful of our obligations to our neighbors, our nation, and the world.

by |November 1, 2021
vaccination bus

Cher and National Center for Disaster Preparedness Team Up to Donate Mobile Vaccine Clinic

The bus will bring testing and vaccinations to young people and families in neighborhoods with the greatest need.

by |June 24, 2021
vaccine syringe vial

Moving Toward a Post-Pandemic New York City and Nation

We should also be ready for a time when hands can be shaken and hugs can be given, and our tactile, social species is able once again to exhale.

by |May 3, 2021
healthcare worker puts vaccine into a woman's arm

COVID Vaccine Distribution Nears a Turning Point, but Equity Issues Remain

As production ramps up, experts hope the vaccine will reach areas that are underprivileged and often hardest-hit.

by |March 17, 2021
claudia dreifus holds a sign saying "I got vaccinated for Patti"

My Experience Getting the COVID-19 Shot

A Sustainability Management instructor reflects on why she’s thrilled to get the coronavirus vaccine.

by Claudia Dreifus |January 26, 2021