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What We Need to Learn From Climate-Accelerated Extreme Weather Events

We need to build our response capacity leading up to extreme-weather emergencies and implement a more systematic and assured process of reconstruction for victims in the aftermath.

by |March 6, 2023

The Ohio Toxic Train Wreck and Government’s Failure of Regulation and Response

We need to improve the way we regulate the transport, use, and disposal of toxic substances.

by |February 20, 2023

Disaster Relief and the Psychology of ‘Once in a Lifetime’ Events

It’s time to stop responding to frequent climate catastrophes and start preparing for them.

by Jacqueline Goodman |September 28, 2021

How Do High School Students Combat the Climate Crisis and Plan for Community Resilience After a Disaster?

Students tackled this question in a week-long virtual immersion program on community planning for resilience.

by Josh DeVincenzo |September 1, 2021

Investing for Tomorrow Can Prevent Tragedy Today

If the Surfside Florida tragedy leads to actions that prevent future catastrophes, these deaths will not have been in vain.

by |July 6, 2021
Map of hazards data points

Mapping Tool Lets Users Pinpoint Hazards Data

The SEDAC Hazards Mapper is designed for disaster risk managers, humanitarian response organizations, public health professionals, journalists and others needing a quick assessment of the potential dangers posed by a major hazardous event or developing emergency.