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What Can We Do About the Growing E-waste Problem?

In 2016, the world discarded 49 million tons of electronic waste, yet only 20 percent of it was recycled. Where does e-waste go? And how are we going to deal the growing amounts of it?

by |August 27, 2018

Removing Toxic Electronics From NYC’s Waste

We need to develop the public policies and standard operating procedures to make certain that discarded electronics are either recycled or carefully discarded. This requires that we abandon the idea that “out of sight is out of mind.”

by |July 13, 2015

Closing the Loop: Technology and Sustainability Event

Where are materials for all tech gadgets coming from? Where is e-waste going? What policies are associated with these issues and are they working? Find out at a panel discussion and screening of Terra Blight.

by |April 17, 2013