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Earth Day Urgency

We are nowhere close to achieving the transition to environmental sustainability, but the process is well underway here in the United States. To achieve this, we need to think about our shared values rather than our differences. Let’s make every day an Earth Day.

by |April 25, 2022

Beyond Earth Days

Tune in to Sustain What for justice songs, eel revivals, and myriad paths toward planetary progress today and every day.

by |April 22, 2022

hAIku: AI Generated Poetry

Celebrate Earth Day by having Da Vinci, an artificial intelligence engine created by OpenAI, compose a haiku on the science or nature topic of your choice!

by |April 22, 2022

Decarbonization: An Animated Graphic

‘Decarbonization’ is a buzzword, but what does it actually mean? Learn more in this simple and fun illustration.

by Illustrated by Julie Winegard; Based on reporting by Renee Cho |April 22, 2022

What Is Decarbonization, and How Do We Make It Happen?

To keep the planet from warming more than 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels, economies must rapidly decarbonize. What will this involve?

by |April 22, 2022
how we got here logo

Behind the Podcast ‘How We Got Here’

Scientists Stephanie Spera and Rachel Lupien demystify how different professionals are addressing the climate crisis, one career path and podcast episode at a time.

by Elise Gout |April 21, 2022
brian kahn headshot

Reporting on the Climate Apocalypse: An Interview With Brian Kahn

A prominent journalist and teacher in Columbia’s Climate and Society program, Kahn shares his thoughts on the importance of empathy and humility when communicating about climate change.

by Emily Davis |April 20, 2022
girl walking across a dry farm field

The Climate-Nutrition Connection in Food Security

In early 2021, ACToday, Cheikh Anta Diop University and Senegal’s national meteorological service organized a three-hour webinar to launch discussions about connections between climate and nutrition.

by |April 19, 2022
Martin Dietrich Brauch headshot

Putting People and Planet Before Profits: A Q&A With Martin Dietrich Brauch

The senior legal and economics researcher at the Columbia Center on Sustainable Investment wants to overhaul investment policies in order to fight climate change and achieve sustainable development goals.

by |April 19, 2022

Sustainable Investing: How Effective Is It Really?

Can your personal investments really help to fight climate change and advance sustainable development? The real-world impacts are inconclusive.

by |April 18, 2022