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How You Can Help Restore Nature on Earth Day

Consider helping to revive a degraded ecosystem by getting involved in an ecorestoration project.

by |April 21, 2021
Two young men on a motorcycle carry a goat between them as they drive through a giant sandstorm, called a haboob

Land Restoration Can Profoundly Benefit People and the Environment

A recent webinar highlighted how returning land to a more natural state can help the climate, the local environment, and nearby communities.

by |October 26, 2020

Restoring Damaged Ecosystems – The Challenge of Haiti

In 2010, almost two-thirds of the world’s ecosystems were deemed degraded due to human impacts and mismanagement, but fortunately ecosystems can be restored. The Earth Institute’s work in Haiti illustrates just how complicated ecosystem restoration can be.

by |December 21, 2011