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person holding sign that says 'end racism'

Reflections on Centering Racial Equity at the NYC Panel on Climate Change

A Columbia Climate School student shares lessons from trying to translate the concept of anti-racism into action in an institutional setting.

by Georgia Grzywacz |September 14, 2022
“Climate Change and Environmental Justice in Harlem" panel. Photo: Chris Dobens / WE ACT

Harlem Week Event Discusses Environmental Justice and a More Equitable Future

A century ago, the Harlem Renaissance changed the worlds of art and culture. Could Harlem one day become a leader in the transition to a green economy?

by |August 15, 2022
map of high temperatures across the u.s.

How Can We Make Heat Waves Less Deadly?

Though often underestimated, extreme heat is the leading weather-related killer in the U.S.

by |June 14, 2022
people in street holding a sign that says 'climatejustice'

Environmental Justice Delayed Has Been Justice Denied

Environmental justice delayed has long been justice denied, but it is never too late to do better.

by |May 9, 2022

Historically Redlined Neighborhoods Are Burdened by Excess Oil and Gas Wells

A new study adds to the evidence that structural racism in federal policy is linked to the disproportionate siting of oil and gas wells in marginalized neighborhoods.

by |April 27, 2022
NYC Heat Map

Data Dive: Heat Mapping New York City and Environmental Justice

For researcher Liv Yoon, creating a high-resolution heat map of NYC is just the first step in transforming marginalized communities.

by |April 8, 2022
hands of many skin colors holding plants

Environmentalism Shouldn’t Be This White

An Asian environmentalist shares reflections on diversity and inclusion in higher education.

by Beverly Teng |March 16, 2022
solar panels on walmart roof

$12 Billion Investment in Puerto Rico’s Energy System Must Not Replicate Existing Harms

Unprecedented federal funding to fix PR’s electric system has the potential to save lives and build resilience by investing in distributed solar power. Yet so far it appears to be business as usual.

by Ruth Santiago |March 7, 2022
Map of COVID deaths and social vulnerability by U.S. countie

Irwin Redlener on COVID, Politics, and Social Vulnerability

The director of the Pandemic Resource and Response Initiative discusses how inequality, politics and misinformation worsened COVID’s impact in communities across the U.S.

by |February 23, 2022
southwest corner of central park

It’s Time to Invest in New York City’s Parks

Mayor Adams understands the importance of parks and is committed to enhanced parks equity.

by |February 14, 2022