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The Financial Reality of Regulating Lead and Methane

The path to environmental protection runs through the reality of financial feasibility.

by |December 4, 2023

The Accomplishments and Limits of Environmental Policy

For environmental policy to be effective, it must encourage the transition already underway in many private businesses, focusing on continuous improvement rather than the achievement of symbolic goals, with a broader scope than climate change alone.

by |November 13, 2023

Building Environmental Policy on America’s Support for a Clean Environment

To develop a winning strategy promoting environmental protection, we should look at our many success stories and seek to imitate them. Successful policy has been based on widely shared values: we all like to breathe clean air, drink clean water, and live in a place free of toxics.

by |October 9, 2023

New Report Highlights the Complex Intersection of Antitrust Law and Sustainability Goals

The purpose of this new report is to provoke and support engagement among policymakers, private firms, and the wider public about the ways that competition policy can support sustainable development.

Map of the US depicting states color-coded by number of bills passed (between 1 and 16)

State Legislatures Continue to Enact Disaster Policies in 2023

States have already filed at least 103 bills related to disaster resilience. Columbia Climate School’s National Center for Disaster Preparedness reports on what has been achieved so far.

by Lucia Bragg, Abigail Menendez, Gillian McBride |June 12, 2023

We Are Running Out of Time to Pass the Recovering America’s Wildlife Act

The Senate has a unique opportunity to transform conservation efforts in the U.S. And with midterm elections coming soon, the clock is ticking.

by Ezekiel Maben, Oliver Hegi, Mel Peh, and Courtney Federico |November 4, 2022
people in street holding a sign that says 'climatejustice'

Environmental Justice Delayed Has Been Justice Denied

Environmental justice delayed has long been justice denied, but it is never too late to do better.

by |May 9, 2022
a cyclone and storm clouds

What Can We Do About Extreme Weather?

Perhaps climate change policy will be a response to our growing experience with extreme weather events.

by |April 11, 2022

The Long Transition to Environmental Sustainability is Already Underway

The path to a circular, renewable resource-based economy will be long and difficult. But I am optimistic that the seeds of change have been planted, and the generation-long process has begun.

by |January 18, 2022

The Pivot Toward Sustainability Finance

My hope is that even if a conservative American national government abdicated climate leadership once again, the market forces we saw in 2021 will be too deeply established to deter.

by |January 3, 2022