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We Are Running Out of Time to Pass the Recovering America’s Wildlife Act

The Senate has a unique opportunity to transform conservation efforts in the U.S. And with midterm elections coming soon, the clock is ticking.

by Ezekiel Maben, Oliver Hegi, Mel Peh, and Courtney Federico |November 4, 2022
people in street holding a sign that says 'climatejustice'

Environmental Justice Delayed Has Been Justice Denied

Environmental justice delayed has long been justice denied, but it is never too late to do better.

by |May 9, 2022
a cyclone and storm clouds

What Can We Do About Extreme Weather?

Perhaps climate change policy will be a response to our growing experience with extreme weather events.

by |April 11, 2022

The Long Transition to Environmental Sustainability is Already Underway

The path to a circular, renewable resource-based economy will be long and difficult. But I am optimistic that the seeds of change have been planted, and the generation-long process has begun.

by |January 18, 2022

The Pivot Toward Sustainability Finance

My hope is that even if a conservative American national government abdicated climate leadership once again, the market forces we saw in 2021 will be too deeply established to deter.

by |January 3, 2022

Build Back Better and American Climate Leadership

If we, once again, kick the “climate can” down the road, we should be prepared for the road to be flooded, washed away, covered in debris, and possibly surrounded by burning forests.

by |November 22, 2021

Climate Words and Climate Deeds

With the U.N. Conference of Parties (COP26) starting in full swing last week, the world was filled with news from the climate industry’s biggest trade show.

by |November 8, 2021

Democrats in Congress Hold the Fate of the Planet in Their Slippery Hands

The Democrats must quickly pass the Infrastructure Bill and compromise on reconciliation. There is no time to spare.

by |October 11, 2021

Course Spotlight: Political Context of Environmental Management and Environmental Advocacy

Sara Tjossem’s policy courses transform students’ environmental passions into actions.

by Taylor Goto |August 18, 2021

Climate Policy’s Critical Moment is Here

The environmental catastrophe predicted by climate modelers a generation ago is upon us. We need to provide the resources and organizational capacity required to end most use of fossil fuels as fast as possible.

by |July 19, 2021