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The Impact of the American Consensus Favoring Environmental Protection

The legal structure of American environmental protection persists because environmental protection has been added to the fundamental and irreducible function of government: to protect people from harm.

by |May 22, 2023

Climate Journalist Andrew Revkin on Evolving Beyond Storytelling

The veteran reporter discusses how he prefers fostering dialog with his audience over simply telling a story.

by Russell Kuhner |September 7, 2021

Exxon Beware – Students and a Senator Vow to Demolish Climate Inertia

A cross-generational brainstorm on ways to break fossil-fueled blockades to climate action. Spread care, call out the culpable, price pollution.

by |August 19, 2021

CO2 Reduction Law Rejected in Swiss Referendum

The people of Switzerland narrowly rejected a law that would have curbed greenhouse gas emissions, a win for commercial industries and a blow to environmental activists.

by |July 30, 2021

To Build Climate Progress on Time Scales That Matter, Biden Should be Biden

The path forward requires negotiation, compromise, and open lines of communication with Republicans in Congress and elsewhere who have made climate change a focus.

by |January 14, 2021

Bringing Consensus Politics Back to Environmental Issues

In the blue-red political world we’ve created we need to remember the values we share and our interdependency.

by |January 13, 2020