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The Right Wing’s Endless War on the U.S. EPA

No one wants the environment damaged any more than anyone wants to see violence or crime. We need a new approach to protecting the planet, but that will not happen by starving agencies of resources.

by |July 31, 2023

President Biden’s Environmental Record

Joe Biden and his team have put together a stunning record of environmental success. In addition to reconstructing the EPA, Biden has led the enactment of America’s largest environmental funding laws.

by |June 5, 2023

EPA’s Regulation of Power Plant Greenhouse Gases Reinforces Sustainability Management

The momentum behind decarbonization is unstoppable as the private sector sees the benefit of a lower cost, less polluting, and more reliable energy system. The energy transition may be delayed by political reactionaries, but it will not be stopped.

by |May 15, 2023

The Supreme Court and Radical Environmental Deregulation

We may soon see a radical anti-regulatory Supreme Court dismantling well-established regulatory practices and endangering America’s environmental quality.

by |June 21, 2022

Regulating Forever Chemicals

We are an ingenious species, and when properly motivated, we can build an economy that doesn’t poison people and the planet.

by |October 25, 2021
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Michael Regan and the Reconstruction of the U.S. EPA

The next four years should undo the damage of the past four years and put America back on the path of effective environmental policy.

by |March 15, 2021

The Declining Organizational Capacity of U.S. Environmental Agencies

We need effective state and federal environmental cops to protect the fragile blue dot in the vast vacuum of space that we call home.

by |February 17, 2020

Pruitt’s Relentless Attack on Climate Science and Environmental Regulation

The thought that it might be prudent to adapt to climate change and mitigate its impact has occurred to nearly all of the world’s leaders. However, in this country, our President and EPA Administrator are still not convinced there is a climate crisis.

by |March 12, 2018

The Slow but Steady Progression Toward Environmental Sustainability

As 2017 ends and 2018 begins, many of us reflect on the year that has past and think about the year to come. In the United States we have had a year filled with disappointment but sparked by hope.

by |December 27, 2017

Responding to the Attack on Environmental Regulation

Last week, the new EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt attacked his own agency in an address to the Conservative Political Action summit. The attack on environmental regulation by the head of EPA is a remarkable nightmare. Fortunately, in our federal system, state and local officials will be able to fill in if the federal government refuses to act.

by |February 27, 2017