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New Trainings Will Lead the Way on Climate Resilience and Equitable Disaster Response

With a $1.5 million grant from FEMA, Columbia Climate School’s National Center for Disaster Preparedness will create and deliver trainings on climate resilience with a focus on equity for state, local, tribal, and territorial emergency managers.

by |January 30, 2023
flooding in nyc street from hurricane sandy

What City Planners Can Learn From Hurricane Sandy

Based on a decade of data from Hurricane Sandy, two New York City planners explore the inequities of disaster mitigation and recovery — and what needs to change to prevent climate gentrification.

by Thaddeus Pawlowski and Donovan Finn |October 18, 2022
people on the beach and in a boat at sunset

Spring Workshop Explores New Modes of Environmental Storytelling

‘Writing Cultural Landscapes’ is a six-week, not-for-credit workshop offered through the Climate School for all Columbia affiliates who want to explore the intertwined crises of environment and equity.

by |February 1, 2022
education diversity low library students

Enhancing DEIA Within Our Education Programs

The Earth Institute and the Climate School are undertaking important and critical work on diversity, equity, inclusion, and anti-bias across our education programs — from the undergraduate level to the PhD level.

by Alix Schroder |November 8, 2021
Students invited to present

High School Students Learn From and Educate Communities About Hudson River Ecosystems

In the Next Generation of Hudson River Educators program, students learned what community members think about the Hudson and developed tools to share their own findings.

by |October 29, 2021
Community Member

Personal Interviews Gain Insights to Community Perspectives

Interviews provide an emotional and thoughtful connection to others through discussing and sharing over topics that they might never have a chance to discuss otherwise.

by |September 6, 2021

How Community Driven Philanthropy Can Enhance Democracy and Increase Philanthropic Impact

Foundations should engage constituencies in their work.

by David J. Maurrasse and Colin Greer |August 31, 2021

Issues of Inequity Explored By the Next Generation of Hudson River Educators

When it comes to access to nature and environmental protection of these resources, environmental resources are all too often not allocated equitably.

by |August 29, 2021
Heat map of New York City using satellite data from the USGS's Landsat 8 satellite. Source: New York City Council

Study Maps Urban Heat Islands With Focus on Environmental Justice

A new collaborative project is heat-mapping parts of New York City with a focus on improving health outcomes and addressing long-standing environmental justice issues.

by |August 26, 2021
research vessel sally ride in the water

All-ABOARD: Changing Minds and Hearts at Sea

Pilot project aims to build diversity, equity, and inclusion in the geosciences via a unique ship-based professional development model.

by |May 6, 2021