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When It Rains, It Pours. Why?

Atmospheric scientist Michela Biasutti investigates what drives rainfall on a wide variety of time scales, and how climate change may affect it. She is passing on the basics to students.

by Vanessa Lincoln |September 21, 2023
Satyajit Bose headshot

Understanding the SEC’s Proposed Climate Rules: Part 3

With the new guidelines, many companies will be challenged to quantify how their businesses will be impacted by climate change. Professor Satyajit Bose shares how his course will help sustainability professionals analyze and manage climate risks.

by Laura Millar |August 22, 2023
taylor pullins headshot

Understanding the SEC’s Proposed Climate Rules: Part 2

Adjunct professor Taylor Pullins explains how his new course will help sustainability professionals navigate the complexities of this landmark regulatory change.

by Laura Millar |August 15, 2023
Carolyn Kim Allwin headshot

Understanding the SEC’s Proposed Climate Rules: Part 1

Adjunct professor Carolyn Kim Allwin shares why she thinks the new rules would be transformational for sustainable investing, and how her course will help sustainability professionals navigate these new guidelines.

by Laura Millar |August 8, 2023
suzana camargo

Faculty Spotlight: Suzana Camargo, Plasma Physicist Turned Extreme Weather Expert

When she came to Columbia, she started a research project on hurricanes that she thought would last a year. More than 20 years later, hurricanes are still her main area of interest.

by Frederique Fyhr |May 16, 2023
steve cohen headshot

Q&A: Environmentally Sustainable Growth

In his new book, Professor Steven Cohen offers a positive vision of an environmentally sustainable future and outlines realistic paths toward a renewable resource-based economy.

by Giulia Campos |May 2, 2023
einat lev headshot

Faculty Spotlight: Einat Lev, Volcanologist and Lava-Chaser

When she’s not visiting active volcano sites or working in her “plumber’s shop” of a lab, Lev is teaching the “Sustainability in the Face of Natural Disasters” for the Sustainability Science program.

by Frederique Fyhr |April 21, 2023
yutian wu headshot

Faculty Spotlight: Yutian Wu, Climate Modeler and Atmospheric Scientist

Wu is using climate models to study the movement of air pollutants through the atmosphere.

by Frederique Fyhr |April 14, 2023
rachel patterson headshot

Faculty Spotlight: Rachel Patterson

A faculty advisor in the Environmental Science and Policy program, Patterson shares her professional journey, emphasizing the importance of following your passions rather than staying in a job that doesn’t align with your morals and interests.

by Saj McBurrows |April 6, 2023

Christine Appah-Gyamfi Empowers Students to Lead on Environmental Justice Issues

In her class at the Columbia Climate School, this environmental justice lawyer provides tools and hands-on opportunities for her students to generate real-world impacts.

by |April 4, 2023